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Midland and Odessa Newborn Baby Photographer

After having three children of our own, we are increasingly aware of how quickly newborn babies (and kids) change. Our "babies" range from 7-10 years old now. Before you know it, those sweet little baby toes are running off to school and you are wondering how it happened so quickly?! The newborn photos we took of our kids will always be a treasure to our family. We can't freeze time, but taking pictures is as close as we can get to preserving these special moments that we want to remember and share with our kids and future generations. Our kids love looking back at pictures of themselves as babies and trying to figure out who's who! They love to stand and stare at images of them displayed in our house or at their grandparents' houses. We know scheduling a portrait session immediately after bringing home a newborn is not easy or convenient. We promise it is worth it though. We try our best to make the session very relaxed and (we hope) fun! 

We provide newborn sessions and milestone sessions for clients in one of two ways, we can come to your home and photograph a lifestyle session or you can come into our Midland studio and have your studio newborn session there. Lifestyle sessions are more relaxed and casual and focus on the family interacting with baby, instead of a focus on getting posed images of baby. Lifestyle sessions can be as brief as 30 minutes, although we recommend at least an hour if adding in siblings and/or pets. Studio sessions last 2-2.5 hours and we also love to include parents and siblings in those. We let baby lead studio sessions, using a gentle approach and stopping for mom to feed or cuddle as needed. For studio sessions, we have a variety of props and wraps that are available for use.

Each session comes with a set number of images, an online proofing gallery to choose your images and the option to purchase wall art and products for your home. We have heavily researched, taken classes to prepare and perfect our images for printing, and purchased test prints and samples from professional print labs to provide you the very best archival albums, canvases, prints and product options. We love seeing your beautiful portraits printed and hanging in your home instead of just taking up space on your hard drive!

The Studio - One Wall Plaza 

Our studio is located in downtown Midland next to Centennial Park. Once siblings are done with their part of the session, they can watch tv or play in a designated play area, or dad can take them to play at the park . We have an assortment of snacks and beverages in the studio and there's a great coffee shop downstairs, FC Coffee, with delicious coffee drinks and a variety of pastry and food options. 

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